Episode 3 with Dr. Annice Mukherjee

The Wonder Women Podcast heats up in Episode 3 as Michelle and expert guest Professor Annice Mukherjee do a deep dive into the subject of menopause and the truth surrounding hormone replacement therapy.

Professor Mukherjee is a world-renowned endocrinologist and the author of The Complete Guide to Menopause. She serves on the Medical Advisory Council of the British Menopause Society as well as The Society for Endocrinology. Together with Michelle, she dispels the vast ocean of misinformation around menopause symptoms and HRT treatments that have become prevalent in society through social media and unethical medical practices, giving all listeners a practical understanding of how to navigate the journey from perimenopause to menopause and beyond.

The Wonder Women podcast episode 3 with Dr. Annice Mukherjee
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