Macros and How to Count Them

Macros and How to Count Them

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Macros and How to Count Them

Toxic diet culture is a multi-generational curse that has misled millions of women into believing that micronutrients–proteins, fats, and carbohydrates–are the reason that they can’t lose weight and get fit. Macronutrients, or macros, are essential nutrients your body needs to maintain reproductive and ovarian health, promote a healthy gut, support your mental health, regulate vital hormones, and more.

At The Wonder Women, we empower every woman to become the best version of themselves. We expose the misinformation and false advertising that has promoted universal weight loss “solutions” through various fad diets. With our valuable insights and practical guides, you can gain food confidence and take control of your nutrition once and for all!

While calorie intake determines whether you lose, maintain, or gain weight, the distribution of macronutrients combined with resistance training determines whether you gain or lose fat or muscle. The Wonder Women’s 24-Week Transformation Program works because of its data-driven methodologies, which include macros-counting as a required component of any participant’s personalized fitness and nutritional plan.

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We can get our macronutrients from the foods we eat. Some foods may be high in one macronutrient, but it’s important to note that most foods contain a combination of the three.


Inner strength and mental fortitude go hand-in-hand with a strong, resilient body. Protein plays a vital role in that mind-body connection.
Dietary proteins consist of amino acids. These amino acids regulate the immune system, create enzymes and hormones, build and repair tissues and muscles, and provide structure and support for cells.

Sources of protein include:

Red meat
Soy such as Tofu and Tempeh
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Fat isn’t evil. Healthy fats are an essential part of a balanced diet and help us thrive in our daily lives. Your body uses fat to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, produce hormones, support cell growth, store energy, and protect your organs.

Sources of fats include:

Fatty fish such as Salmon and Herring
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Carbohydrates, or carbs, are the primary fuel for your body. They help you get through the day by providing instant energy for your brain, central nervous system, and red blood cells. Your body also stores carbs in your muscles and liver for later use. As such, the ability to train and exercise regularly requires a sufficient amount of dietary carbohydrates.

Sources of carbohydrates include:

Starchy Vegetables
Beans and Legumes
Whole grains such as Pasta and Rice.
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The Best Macro Plan

Now that you have a basic understanding of macros, the next step is to figure out the best macro plan for you!

Track What You Eat

Begin by downloading the My Macros+ app, then track what you eat for one week, giving you a good understanding of how many calories you average daily.

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We have several video tutorials on using the My Macros+ app.

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  • Multiply your goal weight x 1-1.4 = __________ grams of protein per day
  • Then divide by 5 = __________ grams of protein per day
  • Or multiply by 4 = __________ calories from protein per day


  • Multiply your goal weight by a factor of 0.3-0.4 = __________ grams of fat per day
  • Then divide by 5 = __________ grams of protein per meal
  • Or multiply by 9 = __________ calories from fat per day


  • Add the calories from protein per day __________ and the calories of fat per day __________
  • Take the sum and subtract from it your average daily calories
  • Divide this number by 4= __________ grams of carbs per day
  • Then divide by 5= __________ grams of protein per meal

Please note that TWW considers additional factors when determining a client’s macro goals, like body type, ideal lean body weight, and training intensity, volume, and consistency.

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See Results

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Log each step of your transformation journey by measuring your weight, waist, hips, and thighs daily and taking weekly progress pictures. These practices not only document proof of your physical transformation but also serve as a constant reminder of the goals you’re achieving. Take time along the way to celebrate each milestone!

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Want to Learn More?

Macro Mastery: How to Calculate Your Macros and Create a Meal Plan (E-Cookbook)

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Eating delicious, macro-friendly, nutritious meals is a cornerstone of TWW’s strategy for achieving and maintaining your dream physique. Our team curates each recipe to be simple to prepare and tasty.

This 224-page cookbook features a guide to calculating your macros, sample meal plans, meal planning tips, a shopping list, and more!

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