Impact Coaching Program

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Michelle Macdonald

Are you ready to embrace your power and potential?

Impact Coaching Program

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Impact Coaching Program

Put yourself first and kickstart your fitness journey with our One-On-One 12-Week Impact Coaching Program. Get expert guidance from real fitness pros as you grow stronger, feel better, and find balance.

Discover Your Authentic, Fit Life

Michelle MacDonald founded the Impact Coaching Program to help high-achieving women gain muscle, lose body fat, adopt proper nutrition, and foster a growth mindset. The Wonder Women sisterhood, a supportive community built on integrity, breeds resilience and triumphs. Our virtual platform offers personalized fitness training, custom macros, mindset coaching, and a supportive global community that’s always there for you.

Shape Your Future with One-On-One 12-Week Coaching

Our 12-week program helps you tap into your mental and physical resilience, fostering dedication, accountability, and perseverance—all qualities essential for success. Embrace discomfort and adopt an all-in attitude to shift your mindset and tackle difficult situations. This journey transforms you, helping you seize every opportunity for growth to become the woman you are meant to be.

What You Get

Coaching by a TWW coach trained and mentored by Michelle MacDonald, utilizing her carefully crafted, science-backed programming and methodologies

Tailored training splits via the app TrueCoach, designed just for you

Macro-based nutrition plans and expert guidance on using the Mymacros+ app to design your ideal meals

Weekly 20-minute check-in calls for the initial four weeks, then transitioning to monthly check-ins

Global team calls where you will receive continuing education with keynote speakers and connect with hundreds of other members

Thoughtful feedback provided on your uploaded lifts to help you refine your form and technique

Access to your coach through the True Coach App, ensuring you have ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey

Exclusive membership to our private Facebook group, where you can interact with Michelle, our dedicated coaches, and other like-minded individuals in an inspiring environment

First dibs on our amazing workshops, retreats and other live events. These always sell out!

the wonder women
The Wonder Women Rose City group

What We Expect From You

To support your progress and growth, complete personalized resistance training sessions tailored to your needs, scheduled for five days each week

Track your progress through daily weight, waist, hip, and thigh measurements, allowing you to witness your transformation firsthand

Nurture a mindful approach to nutrition with daily meal planning and tracking facilitated through MyMacros+, ensuring that your dietary choices align with your goals and needs

Receive personalized form feedback and guidance on your workouts by videoing and submitting your sessions, empowering you to refine your technique and optimize your results

Cultivate a deeper coach-athlete connection with your TWW coach through mandatory, one-on-one, 20-minute check-ins, providing a dedicated space for support, reflection, and growth

Celebrate your progress and victories by participating in TWW’s weekly Progress Collage, fostering a sense of community and shared achievement

Explore personal development and self-discovery through the insightful exploration of Gay Hendricks’ transformative work, The Big Leap, guided by your knowledgeable TWW coach

Deepen your understanding and enhance your journey through weekly homework assignments and engaging educational sessions with your coach, immersing yourself in TWW’s empowering curriculum

the wonder women rose city group

Unlock your potential and
welcome success!