Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program requirements?

Due to how in-depth our program is, we expect all clients to give their all in terms of exercise, nutrition, and mindset work. What’s expected from each client is outlined below:
+Training 4 to 5 Days Every Week on Weights
+Doing Cardio Daily if Needed
+Tracking All Food in My Macros+ in Grams
+Tracking and Sending in Updated Metrics Daily (Weight, Waist, Hips, Thighs)
+Sending in Videos of Each Workout for Form Feedback
+Participating in a Private Facebook Group and a Weekly Progress Collage

How much does the program cost?

+ The Wonder Women Coach Program is $1200 for a 12 week block
+ The Wonder Women 24 Week Transformation Challenge is $5,000 USD

What’s included in my coaching?

+Personalized Training Split via TrueCoach
+Personalized Macros with Changes
+Weekly 20-Minute Check-In Calls (for a Wonder Women Lead Coach, you get a mix of weekly 20-minute check-in calls and private group calls)
+Form Feedback on Uploaded Lifts
+Access to Your Coach on TrueCoach
+Private Facebook Group with Michelle and the Coaches
+Group Calls with Michelle and the Coaches
+Michelle’s Programming and Methods

Do you offer meal plans?

Yes! We create customized macro plans that teach you how to create your own meals to meet your personal goals. All clients use an app called My Macros+ and create meals using foods that they enjoy. We believe in educating our clients and using a flexible approach so anyone who works with us acquires the skills needed to maintain their health for the rest of their lives.

Can I use another meal-planning app other than My Macros+?

When you work with us, we ask that you use the app My Macros+ for several reasons. You’ll be able to follow us on the app and see how we plan our own meals. You’ll also be able to connect with our other clients and athletes on the app. By using My Macros+, your coach will be able to follow your meals on the app and provide valuable feedback on your meal pairings and food choices.

Do you take on vegan/vegetarian clients?

Yes! We create flexible macro plans that allow you to maintain your dietary approach (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Our main goal is to teach you how to properly meal plan using foods that work well with your body.

Do you offer nutrition-only programs?

We do not currently offer just nutrition at this time.

Do you offer training-only programs?

No. Your athletic and aesthetic goals require good nutrition for sustainable energy and bodily function. Your longevity, performance, and health require it. We would be misleading if we did not provide this.

Do you offer home training programs?

Yes. However, we want to make it clear that while it is possible to start training at home with basic equipment, access to a fully-equipped gym will eventually be required in order to progress in the long run.

How does online training work?

Training plans are delivered on the app TrueCoach. They include how-to videos and detailed instructions. You are required to upload videos of your lifts so that your coach can ensure proper lifting technique and provide form correction, if necessary.

What if I’ve never lifted weights before?

No problem! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced lifters are all welcome! We format our beginner program with concise instructions and workout progressions to get you confident and strong in all your lifts.