About Us

“Our mission is to empower all women to live their best and healthiest lives. We aim to create a community of strong women who want incredible results, who want to learn how to live truly healthy lifestyles, and who want to continue to push back the boundaries of what women of any age can achieve.”

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The Wonder Women Michelle coaching
The Wonder Women Michelle coaching
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About TWW

The Wonder Women group is the vision of transformation coach Michelle MacDonald. In her decade of coaching in the fitness industry, it became apparent that there was a gap between the coaching of female physique athletes versus that of lifestyle clients. This gap was especially true for women in the over 40 categories. Michelle realized that alone she could not help as many women on her own as she would with a team. In 2020, Michelle brought on three coaches and started The Wonder Women. Since then, the team has grown to a group of 10+ coaches and growing.

At TWW, coaches work with lifestyle clients in a very similar manner as athletes. All clients learn how to follow macro-based nutrition plans, improve form in the gym, use progressive overload to achieve incredible results, and utilize various cardio techniques to help drive progress. There is no ‘dumbing-down’ of any of the tools to create physique change. The assumption is that a woman of any age, whether she’s 18 or 80, is just as capable of mastering a few simple methodologies as an athlete. She can achieve incredible success by transforming her body, and along with it, her mindset. Coaches also give clients a lot of support through weekly coaching calls, daily communication through the TrueCoach app, personalized feedback on workouts daily, and weekly check-ins. At TWW, coaches know their clients and take the utmost pride in helping them achieve their personalized goals. Whether you are an absolute beginner with limitations or a more advanced athlete, TWW coaches have you covered. TWW coaches also have a wide range of programming, from bodyweight and bands to barbells and machine work. They can tailor your workouts based on your specific fitness and performance goals, travel schedule, and equipment list. TWW coaches specialize in taking beginners and helping them master movement patterns and strength gains through a step-by-step approach to programming. If you’re an advanced athlete, we will help you get even better!

These are our core beliefs and mission that drive our coaching and platform:

  • We believe in women empowering women.
  • We believe that the female body can thrive at any age. It does not matter if you are 18 or 80. You can still live your best life through abundance, health, and wellness.
  • We believe intelligent, outcome-based coaching is the correct way to guide women. Women are brilliant, so there is no need to dumb things down. We also believe in looking at all data to correctly guide and coach each woman to her full genetic potential.
  • We believe in macro-based nutrition customized to the individual. We are all different, and we do not believe that the same plan works for everyone or every goal.
  • We believe in educating our clients about their bodies and how they work so that women are confident and empowered to take care of their bodies.
  • We believe in integrity, truth, and honest introspection. With the right mindset, anything is possible.

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A message from our founder, Michelle MacDonald

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, with the last 10 years specializing in coaching women of all ages and backgrounds. During that period, I saw time and time again that there was an overwhelming need not being met. That need was a coaching approach for women with science and experience backed with respect to nutrition, training, and mindset. There was very little to almost nothing out there for women who wanted to aim high and significantly impact their mindset, health, and bodies. So, I created the Wonder Women coaching team to fulfill my deepest desire and mission: to teach other women how to carry out my tried-and-true methodologies. Collectively we are creating a new narrative that breaks away from society’s current story around women’s health and fitness. Regardless of age, a woman can be incredibly knowledgeable and empowered around her health and self-care. We are allowed to aim high, build effective strategies to achieve those goals, and learn a process of self-awareness that allows for proper enjoyment of each part of a journey that never really ends.

What Brings Us Together

Our Values. Our Beliefs. Our Work.

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We believe education can empower women and their surrounding communities.

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We believe strong women influence and inspire each other— we are better together.

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We believe in balance with nutrition, fitness, and mindset to create sustained growth and abundance.

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We believe in honesty and transparency and having strong character and love behind all we do.

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We’re committed to stepping up and creating a better world for women everywhere through health and fitness.

How We Make a Difference Together

We know coaches have the opportunity and power to create a better world for women. We know that women who continually support their health and mindset create a flourishing space around them and their communities for change and growth. That’s why we do this work here at TWW: to educate and coach all women and improve their strength and mindset from the inside out to create a trickle effect all around them.

TWW sees communities worldwide where women know they are strong and empowered in their lives and bodies.

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