Episode 11: Strength Unleashed: Powerlifting Past 40 with Marisa Inda and Jen Thompson 

In this power-packed episode of the Wonder Women Podcast, host Michelle is joined by champion powerlifters Marisa Inda and Jen Thompson, who share not just their triumphs on the platform as World Champions but also their insights, experiences, and strategies for thriving in the sport after the age of forty.

the wonder women podcast episode 11

Marisa and Jen reveal their approaches to training, competing, and managing injuries after many years of high-level performance. They share their passion for the sport that is not only the source of some of their greatest achievements but also the vehicle that stabilized them during some of the toughest periods of their lives. Listeners will get into the minds and lives of these amazing women athletes and see what it takes to push the limits of strength and resilience to maintain peak-level performance at any age.

00:00:00 – Introduction: Marisa Inda and Jen Thompson.

00:00:50 – Starting Ages and Bodybuilding Backgrounds: Discussing their beginnings in lifting and the benefits of starting with bodybuilding.

00:03:46 – The Importance of Accessory Work: incorporating accessory exercises beyond the main lifts.

00:05:37 – Training Adaptations Over Time: How their training has evolved with age, focusing on injury prevention and management.

00:06:17 – The Need for Rotational Movements: Adding rotational exercises to avoid back issues.

00:07:12 – Early Career Training Methods.

00:08:24 – Rest and Recovery: The role of rest in their training regimens and its impact on longevity in the sport.

00:10:04 – Managing Training Volume: Balancing intensity and volume in workouts.

00:14:29 – Training Around the Menstrual Cycle.

00:19:08 – Nutrition Strategies: The importance of protein and the role of carbs in their diets.

00:21:05 – Cultural Influences on Diet: Adapting traditional meals for healthier options.

00:33:25 – Dealing with Injuries: Strategies for training through injuries and the importance of ‘motion is lotion’.

00:42:04 – Choosing a Powerlifting Federation: Discussion on different federations and where to compete based on goals.

00:48:24 – The Arnold Sports Festival Experience: Sharing their experiences and the unique atmosphere of competing at the Arnold.

00:59:17 – Powerlifting for Non-Competitors: The benefits of powerlifting training for general strength and health.

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