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Michelle Macdonald


Michelle has been competing and coaching since 2006, and her expertise is not only in physique preparation but also nutrition and flexibility training for athletes. She specializes in mental preparation, and long-term lifestyle transformation for women of all ages and backgrounds.

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More about Michelle

Michelle developed her own style of yoga training from studying under Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, Esak Garcia and Michael Gannon. She taught in India for a year and practiced an advanced series rigorously to deepen her understanding of yoga. She has been certified since 2003 in the Bikram Method and since 2015 in the Ashtanga Method.

In 2010 she graduated from culinary school and interned at the prestigious No. 9 Park in Boston. It was in school where she developed a deeper understanding of macro-based nutrition and how to prepare nutritious food fast without sacrificing taste.

She also mentored under Jean-Jacques since 2011 to understand the most up-to-date methodologies to prepare athletes for the stage. She’s a certified ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, and is known worldwide for her Transformation Programs. Michelle continues to expand her knowledge base through courses, seminars and workshops.

The experience of competing and working with clients for the past decade has allowed Michelle to develop her own highly sought after method for helping women of all backgrounds and ages to achieve their transformation and health goals, and to win dozens of Pro cards with various organizations including:

  • WBFF
  • Muscle Mania
  • IDFA
  • Serious About Fitness
  • Physique Canada

On top of that she’s also worked with:

  • Cover Models
  • Cross Fit Athletes
  • Power-lifters
  • Bodybuilders

Michelle’s resume as an athlete and as a coach is outstanding. Along with her husband Jean-Jacques she’s won numerous awards for Coach of the Year from Serious About Fitness and Top Trainer Award from Physique Canada. Her articles have been featured in Bodybuilding.com, Inside Fitness Magazine, Strong Magazine and D’Fyne Magazine.

How to work with Michelle

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The Wonder Women 6 Month Transformation Challenge

$5,000 USD

Michelle has had 1-2 transformation programs running every year since 2013. They tend to fill up pretty quickly, and Michelle always takes the time to go through all the applicants before deciding on the final group of 20. These are the women who make the Transformation Team.

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Phone Consultation With Michelle


Phone consultations are available via Skype, Messenger, FaceTime and Whatsapp. If you are interested scheduling a phone consultation please use the button below to email Michelle. Since Michelle’s schedule is quite full, please email a full week in advance to book a time slot.

What Michelle’s Client’s Are Saying

The Wonder Women Melissa Mckenzie testimonial

I started working with Michelle in early 2018. Although I’d considered myself athletic and active for most of my life, at 40 years old I’d lost myself in being a working mom and in an all too common place of high anxiety, stress, depression, and, generally feeling overwhelmed. I needed a new goal and a new perspective, and I knew I needed to invest in myself if I was ever going to invest my best self in others and my surroundings. I had been thinking of training for and entering a fitness competition for about a year. All signs pointed to taking action. A friend recommended Michelle to me and after research and meeting her, I signed up for Tulum Strength Club with Michelle as my coach. That decision, and more importantly, the conscious decision to design my daily life around workouts and meal planning and preparation (yes, this is possible with kids and work!) has led me down a far happier, less stressed, and less anxiety-filled experience. I finally feel like my younger self, but better- yes, better. I’m more confident, stronger, smarter, and grateful for what my mind and body is capable of now at 41! By learning about and following a proven approach macro-based meal planning and weight training and cardio- and having the highly effective coaching of Michelle- I’m leaner, stronger, and have achieved better definition than I had in my 20s as a competitive athlete.

-Melissa Mckenzie

The Wonder Women Joan Macdonald testimonial

Michelle is an exacting coach who expects her clients to give their all. She’ll correct you and explain all you need to succeed until you get it right. I love that she pushes me to do my best or I wouldn’t have gotten this far. We could have had some bad times (if I had decided not to believe in myself or continue) but I respect her opinion too much to give up!

-Joan MacDonald

The Wonder Women Michelle Leafloor testimonial

About 4 years ago at 49 I reached out to Michelle. I was at a point where I realized I wanted guidance and coaching to help me work on my physical wellbeing while in menopause. I didn’t want that to become an excuse to continue to let things go but wanted mechanisms to learn to work with the challenge. Through disciplined workouts and nutrition I have made huge progress and with this has come physical and mental wellness. It is never too late to take care of yourself – work hard, stay focused, and you will change your foundation. This is my new lifestyle and I am humbled and grateful to Michelle for her ongoing guidance.

-Michelle Leafloor