Caroline Drury

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Caroline Drury


Caroline brings a mix of education, theory, and personal experience to her client training after going through a major 16-month transformation herself. As such, she is experienced with the obstacles her clients face and she walks her talk on a daily basis.

Through Caroline’s own transformation, she learned how to use food as fuel, that strength training is an empowering way to take back control of one’s body, and she developed the proper mindset needed to bring her best to her life every day. Now, she takes that same care and commitment and applies it to her training of other women. She considers it a privilege to work with women through their own transformations, and she loves helping them with some of the most important work they will do for themselves in their lives.

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and Achievements

  • Certifications in progress:
    • NASM – Certified Nutrition Coach
    • NASM – Behavioral Change Specialist
    • NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialization
    • NASM – Certified Group Fitness Instructor
    • NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialization

Caroline’s Words of Wisdom

Transformation comes one day at a time, and one small decision at a time.

What Caroline’s Client’s Are Saying

The Wonder Women Caroline testimonial

When I say “my coach” I say it with pride and I own it. She is a coach and so much more to me. Caroline practices what she preaches.

When I think of my coach, I always think of progress and possibilities. Because, that is what she represents to me. She has not just guided me through proper form and technique on every single workout I do, she also encourages me through it all. This is not an easy journey to take. It is not easy sticking to macros and spending hours at the gym every day. While the old “me” would have given up a long time ago, it is Caroline who always got me to see my potential and believe in the process and hope for the great results that follow with it all.

One of the best terms I’ve heard her say is “lean on me”. Caroline has always been my anchor in this process. I can always lean on her to come up with ways to keep me on top of the game. She uses her words carefully as they all give so much strength and meaning to our lives. If I ever failed at hitting my target macros, she would not make me go down the guilty, all or nothing path. She first says to call it “derailed” not “failed”. Then she will stop my negative thinking and teach me how to realize that I have what I am right now. Then she encourages me to become better. It is a growth mindset and progress over perfection that she cultivates in me. She listens to my concerns and addresses them right away. She researches and finds solutions to any limiting factors to my progress. She goes above and beyond to ensure that I am progressing and reaching my goals.

Caroline is an intelligent, strong, kind hearted coach who has only the best interest at heart for her clients. I am so grateful to have her as my coach. I am in awe of all her achievements in her own transformation journey. In her I have found a friend. Thank you coach D!

The Wonder Women Amy Warnock testimonial

It has only been a month since I began my transformation journey with my Wonder Women Coach, Caroline Drury. I can’t believe that I am already experiencing changes INSIDE and OUT. I have not only lost 12 pounds, but I have begun a mindset shift that is essential to making lasting change. Caroline is right there with me every step of the way, guiding me as a shepherd. She gives me a clearly laid out plan to follow every day. I have weekly customized macros that coincide with my workouts and feedback when I need it most. I look forward to our weekly One on One Coaching calls as well as the weekly Wonder Women team calls. The well thought out plan, personalized coaching, and Wonder Women community are what really sets this program apart from others. It truly is a personal transformation program! To think I just wanted to “lose weight and get healthy” seems so small of a goal now. The Wonder Women program and especially my Coach, have opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. You have helped me to believe in myself again… and that is truly priceless!!!

Amy Warnock