Michelle MacDonald’s 24-Week Transformation Challenge

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The Background

Michelle has had 1-2 Transformation Programs running every year since 2013. The first one was in January 2013 and those original women still get together, even though they live in different countries.  Michelle has always run the program for a minimum 24 weeks.  She believes that in order to really have a lasting impact on one’s lifestyle, we need to work consistently at the habits and identity shifts for a long period of time.  These programs are the opposite of a ‘quick fix’.  

Originally Michelle ran the program alone. Over the years she brought on various assistants to help manage the program, developing a monthly curriculum for participants, a book club, weekly group calls, weekly assignments, and full coaching through the app TrueCoach.  She now has a team of coaches to assist her in the coaching process, allowing for even more hands-on coaching, and a smooth transition into 1-on-1 coaching after the program has ended. 

Michelle now offers 1 Transformation Program per year.  This group fills very fast and the cohort is decided 2 months in advance. Michelle always takes the time to go through all the applicants before deciding on the final group. Each year these groups become more cohesive and the transformations achieved are truly incredible!  Do not be discouraged from applying if you are a beginner, or if you have a lot of changes to make.  The key to a successful application is not how proficient you already are, but how open you are to adopting a growth mindset, and in investing yourself 100% in this incredible program. 

Why does Michelle use the word Team?

The success of these programs depends on the unique synergy of each group of women. They are usually different ages, all different shapes and sizes, have a variety of athletic backgrounds, some do yoga, some are just starting out, and they come from all over the world. On a private message board, each woman contributes exercise videos, inspirational collages, progress photos, recipes, goals and thoughts, and learns to create an incredible ‘virtual’ support group. This thriving community environment creates a support network that becomes an invaluable piece of the puzzle that allows each woman to unlock her own strength and achieve her goals.

Ready To Transform Your Life?

What To Expect:

Gym requirements are a minimum of 4 days of resistance training or up to 6 days depending on goals. Most women will train with weights 5 days a week.

Cardio is almost always required as well. For fat loss it can be daily.  Once the desired fat loss has been achieved, cardio and steps will be tapered down over a period of several weeks to ensure maintenance has been achieved.

There are weekly group Zoom calls with Michelle MacDonald, one-on-one calls with the assigned coach every other week, and weekly progress photos, collages, video homework, and reading assignments.  This is a very robust program to help women change their mindset around fitness, personal health care, nutrition, and lifestyle.

You will also be invited to our TWW Global Team Calls, with a variety of topics including special guest speakers like Victoria Felknar, Lynne Green, and Jen Thompson, plus many more.  We generally have 2 of these calls per month.

Group participants will need to become versed with the app, MyMacros+ to plan out bespoke macros.*

Challenge Cost:

The transformation program is $5,000 USD and is non-refundable.

A $2,500 USD deposit can be made once you’ve been accepted into the program. An invoice will be sent out.

Full payment must be made no less than 2 weeks before the start of the program.

*Michelle uses her own macro-based system to teach each woman how to create delicious, quick meals with a wide variety of foods. There is no such thing as bad food, just the wrong type, in the wrong amounts at the wrong time. The more you understand your body type and food nutrition, the more you can manipulate meals and food timing to get the results you are looking for.

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